New shoes

So, Carebear has finally grown out of her size 7 1/2 shoes that she’s been wearing for oooooohhhh, over a year. I know, I can’t believe her feet fit in them for so long! I bought them a little big, and then they fit just right at the beginning of this school year, but for the last two weeks she’s been having fits whenever I’ve had her wear anything other than her “tapping shoes” (what she likes to call these black dress shoes that have long since gone from “dress” to “my child lives on the streets and I’m so poor these are the only shoes I can afford to let her wear”… seriously, it’s pretty bad). Now, the tapping shoes are ALSO a size 7 1/2 (just like the brown shoes and her princess sneakers) but they fit differently I suppose, and the “tapping” aspect probably encourages her to put up with a bit of uncomfortableness.

At any rate, I relegated the “tapping shoes” to backyard-wear because I have lately become too embarrassed to let her wear them anywhere else. Today, at school, she complained about her shoes and her sweaty feet to Ms. Melissa and Ms. Melissa, God bless her, offered to bring my darling girl a pair of her daughter’s hand-me-downs (her daughter and Carebear are the same age, but my child has elf feet and Megan’s are more like elephant… hence the possibility that we could take such a hand-me-down). But I had told Carebear before school (to stave off further complaints) that we would go shoe-shopping after school. So, I picked her up, realized the plight of my daughter’s feet was far more dire than I had presumed, given the offer of charity shoes, and whisked her off to Kohl’s where I hoped to get a steal-of-a-deal using the remaining $12 balance on Josh’s Kohl’s gift card that he didn’t spend all of after his parents gifted it to him on his recent 32nd bday. Alas, the shoe aisles at Kohl’s were HORRIBLY unkempt (I guess there was a sale) and my darling girl didn’t like a single shoe that she tried on. HOWEVER, I did manage to figure out that she should probably be wearing an 8 1/2. So, we had to leave without spending our gift card to pick up little sister. Then we headed back for a second try, but this time at Target. Where we spent an hour. Trying on shoe after shoe after show after shoe. Mickey LOVED every show she tried on. Carebear DID NOT.

I thought I’d found the perfect shoe (she actually SMILED when she put them on) but then I had her walk in them and she discovered that they squeaked a bit on the tile floors at Target, and therefore were not up to her standards. Even though I explained that after she wore them a bit I was SURE it would no longer be an issue. Finally after 45 minutes of tearing apart the shoe aisle (while Mickey contentedly tried on LOTS of gorgeous shoes that she doesn’t need because she HAS shoes that fit), I told my darling daughter to please just pick something, anything, and we would get it because she had to have shoes. She chose kitty cat galoshes. (And if I was cool and had a digital camera, I would insert a pic of them right here. But I’m not, and I don’t, so I won’t.) I wonder what will happen when she realizes that RUBBER GALOSHES don’t BREATHE. Hmmm. I see a future post in the works…

6 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Amy says:

    Mackenzie has a pair of sandals, one of which has a detached sole, and on both her toes curl over the edge. They have “diamonds” on them, so they are very special and must be worn for all fancy occasions. It looks like I dress her out of the dumpster behind Goodwill.We have to get a picture of the boots. The world must see their rubbery glory. Why blog if you can’t embarrass your children, I ask you? Why?


  2. Alyson says:

    Ha! She’s wearing them today at school (in fact, she wore them all morning while having breakfast and watching PBS and getting ready to go to school). She made a special trip downstairs with Daddy this a.m. while I was still snoozing to show them to him. She was so excited… it was the first thing she thought of this morning after “I slept all night in my bed!”.


  3. Sarah says:

    One tip that might make your blog more easy to read is to cut the post into paragraphs. After two or three sentences, press return a couple times and start a new paragraph. I was having a little trouble reading this one cause it was so long and all one block. 🙂 Regular paragraphs don’t work well, so I usually just press enter twice.


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