I finally gave in…

It seems that most of my friends have blogs. I don’t know when this happened or how, but they all do and I don’t. Until now. 🙂 So, today, I e-mailed with my new friend Amy (not brand-new, but fairly new, whom I like quite a bit, but haven’t seen in probably two months!) and saw her blog address on her e-mail. So I went (of course). And I LOVED it. So, I thought I might try it out myself. We’ll see how long it lasts… I didn’t last very long on CafeMom.com or iVillage.com, or any of those places, but maybe this will be different.

My hubby, whom I love, suggested the lovely “disorganized chef” idea, and I can’t really blame him because the part of me that he sees often appears that way (for instance, my desk is generally in at least a tad bit of disarray… just a tad). He made sure he said “not that you’re disorganized, but it would be cute”. Ha.

At any rate, this is the start, and I’ll work on it here and there and attempt to be entertaining if at all possible. Life is actually pretty funny in our household (one of the benefits of having two daughters under the age of 4 who can both talk… a LOT) and in my life as a Pampered Chef consultant, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

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